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Windswept, etching, 12x25cms.jpg


I am a printmaker and ceramic artist. I take inspiration for my print work from landscapes around me, from places I visit on my travels but particularly those of the Calder valley in West Yorkshire, where I live. The tones and textures produced by etching are wonderful for portraying the mood of moorland and grittiness of old stone buildings. The stillness and history of churches and churchyards appeal to me and are a favourite theme, as are birds, particularly crows. I use screenprinting  when wanting to use colour in landscapes , particularly the european cityscapes which come from my travels.

My ceramic work is a more recent development and passion. My work is all handbuilt, stoneware fired and each piece is unique. The subject matter is varied but can be animals or more recently  people. These are not portraits but are imaginary people who evolve during the handbuilding process and often are a reflection of moods and emotions.



Thank you for your interest, if you wish to enquire about or purchase any of the prints or ceramics displayed please send me an email

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